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Monday, October 21st, 2013

5th April 2012. How can two people get from A to B, if there is coincidentally only one bicycle around? Right you are – one can give a lift to the other on the rear rack! After 100 meters of riding, another question popped up: why the hell aren’t the pedals wider, so the passenger can keep the feet somewhere and at the same time “lend a leg” to the sweating friend behind the handlebars?

This exact thing happened to Kristjan Holm and Kaspar Jancis one fateful morning. The first sketch was drawn soon after!


Later the same day – bizarre! – it’s not possible to buy this kind of pedals from eBay or anywhere else… Well, then it’s just the time for a small brainstorming!


6th April 2012. Raul Õitspuu in his workshop materialized the first prototype to test the principle.


Looks like a cyber fly!


The first test! To be continued…



Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Workcycle in action!

workcycle in action